Posted on December 25, 2009 2:05 pm

Water Storage

Water storage is a huge problem no matter how you do it it water has
a shelf life. By that I mean, water, after a shot time is not safe to
drink. Water the basis for all life as we know it to be, is the main
ingredient. The cleaner the water the more stuff wants to grow in it.
Bacteria, fungus, mold, virus, any thing you can think of will grow.
Nothing that you put in the water will stop this process You can slow it
down but you can’t stop it. We’ve tied every miracle product out there.
If you know about something that works Please blog about it. I am
looking for a better solution Then boil before drinking. Filtering your
water is probably the best solution so far. A good gravity filtration
system will remove 99.999% of all pathogens, bacteria and even virus. It
does not require any electrical power, and I recommend using one in your
home for drinking and cooking. You would be very surprised if you took
your city water and had it tested. What the cities recommend as safe is
another argument for filtering. They are very portable and don’t require
any plumbing .And an other thing, if you took water from a mud puddle
and ran it through a Berkey Water Purifier, it would be cleaner than
what you got out of the tap in your kitchen, or any bottled water that
you buy at the convenience store.