Posted on September 6, 2010 11:20 pm

UFO Disrupts Chinese Traffic

UFO Disrupts Chinese Traffic

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been the subject of fascination, controversy and disdain for many years. Almost every culture known to mankind at different periods in history has experienced and recorded the presence of strange unknown objects in the sky.

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Even though 95% of all UFO reports are proven to be fallacious, every now and then there is the report of a sighting that sends a few shivers up and down even the most conservative spines.

Such an occurrence happened last month (July 7th) when a UFO disrupted air traffic over Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, the capital city of east China’s Zhejiang Province.

All outbound fights were suspended after air traffic controllers spotted the fiery object skimming across the sky. The municipal government abruptly closed the airport, pending an investigation into the matter.

The UFO was detected in the sky about 9pm, causing flights to be re-routed to other airports in Ningbo and Wuxi cities.

The Chinese Internet lit up with possible theories concerning the identity and purpose of this strange object. They ranged from a hoax incurred by the US to an actual planetary invasion.

The airport soon resumed normal activities, but something lingered that altered the texture of everyday life and it is still there, hanging like an invisible cloud over conventional thoughts and understanding.

To date, there has been no public statement concerning the resolution of any investigation or scientific inquiry.

What WAS it?

Authorities claim the matter is still under investigation, but the reality is that:

No one knows.

Only THEY know, which is not exactly the most comforting of thoughts.