Posted on June 27, 2010 11:22 pm

These Are Some Easy Ways To Save Energy At Home

Conservation of energy is no longer simply a cause to be taken up by the Government or an NGO. The precarious condition of power availability has made it mandatory for everybody to do their bit to save energy. Consuming power at the current rate will deplete our planet’s energy sources as much, that our future generations may very well have to learn to do without it. So start saving energy now and begin at your own home. This is how.

The best and the easiest thing that you can do to save energy at home is plug off all the appliances when they are not in use. Regardless of whether you are not using the appliance but they are plugged on, have a tendency to use some energy. Hence it is important that you take away the plugs conscientiously after you have switched off the appliance.

Household appliances consume maximum energy within a house. The highest power customers include the air conditioner, the electric rice cooker, iron etc. Thus, you must use these appliances both judiciously and conservatively to save on energy.

As an example, there isn’t any need for you to put on the AC each time. Open the windows and let in the unpolluted air. This will help bring down the temperature of your house considerably and help save energy too. When using the electrical iron, it is advised that you iron all the clothes in one go. This may help save a good deal of energy as you won’t have to heat the iron each time.

Participate alternative systems of entertainment. You don’t always have to play games on your computer or watch Television to keep yourself entertained. Instead you might play board games with the whole family or consider taking up an interesting hobby such as gardening or painting. These options will keep you entertained and also save energy.

The next in line measure that will help you in saving energy to a significant degree is to make effective use of water. Try not wasting water when not in use. This suggests you are required to use each drop of water available. When you’re brushing your teeth, ensure that you do not leave the tap running. If you find any type of leakage in your tap, you need to mend the fault at the earliest best. It is suggested to assign a specific day in the week for the washing of clothes. Washing garments everyday not only wastes time but also waste a lot of water as well. On the other hand weekly washing can help save a lot on the water usage.

Yet another effective measure to save on the power is to make use of the solar power to the maximum extent practical. For this it is good to use a solar cooker. A solar cooker enables you to cook food in the open. You need not light gas each time you would like to cook food. Using a solar cooker will so aid you in saving on the energy as it works on the idea of utilizing the solar energy. In addition you also get to learn a new cooking skill. The better part about employing a solar cooker is that it helps maintain the nutritive quoteint of the food all the while keeping the flavor and the freshness of food intact.

So what are you waiting for? Simply employ the previously mentioned tips and be assured that you will easily be prepared to save a lot of energy and hence sail thru energy crunch in no time.

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