Posted on September 27, 2010 7:02 am

Retirement Opportunities Have Changed For Many Of Us

The traditional retirement path of our parents does really exist on a large scale anymore. There are many different types of post work force situations. Many of us understand that our plans will not be like our parents and we look forward anticipating more modifications in the fast changing future.<br /><br />Some seniors are working at new part or full time careers in places where they super-size your order. The days of selling the home and trading equity for cash and a decked out RV to drive across the country are mostly gone.<br /><br />Baby boomers purchased RVs and parked them in the driveway of their home. They did not wait for retirement to travel the open road in style. Some successful young people have banked fortunes at an early age.<br /><br />In a world linked electronically there are ways to <a href=’’>make money online</a> that are changing lives. One retiree is adding handsomely to his pension check and does not have to be as frugal as he first thought.<br /><br />He has done some remodeling and poured a new driveway at his house. I see him suit up in <a href=’’>black helmet</a>, black leathers, and hop on his black motorcycle to ride off on weekend adventures.<br /><br />His wife writes content articles for fun and profit. She has a penchant for collectible furniture, <a href=’’>home decor accents</a>, and home storage solutions. Her knack for communicating online has supplemented their income in ways they never imagined.<br /><br />We met a couple that was in charge of a popular campground on the shore of a destination lake. They live in the south but spend their summers up north ensuring campers enjoy the site, treat it with respect, and are safe. They plan to continue this practice for the people and the money.<br /><br />Many people with free time fill the gaps in a community by volunteering at non-profit groups in various capacities. We know of a couple that represent a well known civic group at conferences around the country because they no longer have a committed work schedule.<br /><br />They learned that couples with free time should prepare to take those opportunities for travel and participation when they are offered. They will tell you that it adds zest to life to do something important and make new friends in the process.<br /><br />It used to be that people went to work for a company and remained there for 20 years or more and then retired. That type of one company employment has dissipated in this country. There are people that make millions in their early twenties via the internet. Others need a second career.<br /><br />The ability to stretch our skills, gain fresh knowledge, and put it to use have never been easier to access and implement. Experienced post career people will tell you to keep an open mind to possibilities that match your health and skill set.