Posted on December 21, 2009 9:21 pm

Hello world!

Your here cause your curious, or you are looking for some way to ease your concerns.

Either way your going to thing I’m cool or your going to think I’m crazy.

20 years ago I started using solar as an alternative to having power hooked

up with the power companies,

every one called me crazy. Today they call me green.

Just keep this in mind, what if you had enough money and it was not a big deal.

Check out what we do. we can help you with your project.

I can show you how to get enough money to build one of these,

buy a new house,  a new car, and your kids college tuition.

Show you how Quit your job and work anywhere.

If you want different results you have to take different ACTION.

So look at the pictures and dream a new dream.

Take a new action and call me in 6 months.

I’ll be right here waiting for you.