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Fukushima & Chernobyl - The Diabolical

Fukushima & Chernobyl – The Diabolical

Nuclear Duo And The Alternative

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

c. 2011 – All Rights Reserved


“Our children are dying. Help!” -A letter from the high-radioactivity zone at Chernobyl

“We want to live. We want our children to live and grow up healthy, and for them to have a future. Because of the indifference and hard-hardedness, and cruelty of these on whom our destiny and that of our children depends, we are condemned to the most terrible fate, which we well understand. The only ones who don’t understand are the bureaucrats in their comfy armchairs.”

-Valentina Nikolayevna Okhremchuk, mother of four boys, and all the mothers of Olevsk district.

(translated from the Russian). -Alla Yaroskinskya, Chernobyl: The Forbidden Truth, 1995.

With the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, it is more than appropriate to examine the dreadful consequences that have ensued, and will continue to indefinitely, given the unfolding horrors of the Fukushima nuclear reactors disaster that happened on March 11. It is another shocking theme-and-variations on behind-the-scenes manipulated “Disaster Capitalism” that Naomi Klein has written about in her book, “The Shock Doctrine.”

In essence, one cannot compare Chernobyl to Fukushima. The scenarios were quite different, though both share the highest emergency level 7.

In fact, Fukushima [with six reactors involved] has already far surpassed Chernobyl [with one reactor] in its appalling scope. What links them is: the unmitigated and heart-wrenching scale of these catastrophes; the devastation to all living creatures and the poisoning now of our entire food chain; the continued cover-up by corrupt governments; and the reality of how extremely dangerous nuclear energy continues to be.

The complete lack of any real emergency response to Fukushima, to the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe (now continuing for more than a year), and to Chernobyl are all horrific examples of not just ineptitude, but crimes against humanity and nature. All these places are permanently wrecked and ruined. The toll will continue; and it will continue to be massive in human suffering.

Chernobyl was a fairly new reactor; and radioactive emissions lasted 10 days. The radioactive particles, however, did travel around the rest of the planet to cause untold, but invisible, injury and death. The consequences of long-lived radiation, such as Cesium-137, Uranium-235, and Strontium-90, still remain. Real and permanent evacuation never happened. Citizens were expendable, while the Russian government lied to them and discredited the few physicians who put their own lives at risk and knew what was really happening medically and environmentally.

The area surrounding Chernobyl, a Dead Zone, is still contaminated with radiation; yet more than 4,000 people continue to live out their lives in this T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” scenario of death and destruction.

Chernobyl’s entombed sarcophagus is cracking and leaking radiation. It continues to cause severe genetic mutations to all living things. Kiev, a city 62 miles away, has a population of 2-million, and very elevated incidences of cancer, as does the Dead Zone. Yet, in a twisted sense of sheer madness and the macabre, the Ukraine government has opened the area to tourism:

The “British Medical Journal” has reported a 12-fold increase in thyroid cancer, since Chernobyl: “Among young women aged under 14 in higher risk areasthe rates have increased almost 30-fold since the disaster.”(1) Similar findings were also reported in “Nature” with the author commenting that “great strains” are being placed on the “health services. It also provides an opportunity, which we hope will not be repeated [author’s emphasis], to study the consequences on major exposure of a population to isotopes of iodine from [radioactive] falloutthat is a direct consequence of Chernobyl.”(2) No one heeded that warning, because those in charge have no reverence for life.

In 2003, geoscientist Leuren Moret was invited to Japan by “citizens concerned about the dangers of a major earthquake.”(3) Since 2000, she has made 20 visits to Japan. There are 52 nuclear reactors in this geologically fragile country sitting on “the top of four tectonic platesand [it] is one of the most tectonically active regions in the

world.”(4) As in US, “many of these reactors have been negligently sited on active faults.”(5) These are catastrophic accidents waiting to happen; and Moret was prophetic and scientifically astute in her warnings about the real potential for disaster.

 From almost the first day, Fukushima’s epic calamity continues to pose a major threat to the Japanese population and then to the rest of our planet. The handling of the response has only prolonged the disaster.

Boron, which could have absorbed and contained radiation, was never used. As it stands now, more than 27,000 people have died, and the figure may yet be far higher. The added nightmare of 600,000 spent radioactive fuel rods collecting at Fukushima for 45 years has only exacerbated an already terrible situation.

Massive amounts of radiation continue to be emitted, and accurate reporting of these extreme dangers has not happened from mainstream media. The fuel rods are yet another reminder that there is no safe place to store nuclear waste any place. Accidents happen, or are deliberately created. The very worst storage place is where there is a large population nearby. This storage “solution” can be considered criminal negligence.

The magnitude of Fukushima’s radiation is now off the scale. So, conveniently, neither Japan nor the US is reporting the real amount of our radiation exposure. According to Leuren Moret, six reactors are involved. This, too, is not being reported by mainstream media. Three of these reactors have been in meltdown, now partially admitted by Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency:

Some new pictures from the “Dead” Zone are here. The accompanying text is by Yoishi Shimatsu:

There is no acceptable or safe level of radiation exposure. Period.

Anyone who believes the lies that officials continue to tell us, and get away with it, is already at a huge disadvantage. We have been cannon fodder for centuries for the wealthy elite in their various wars, rigged events, and planned deceit behind closed doors. Since the splitting of the atom, the supposed nuclear age was going to bring tremendous wonders to society. In fact, what it has brought us is unmitigated devastation.

It began when the US destroyed the civilian populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and then there was continued radioactive ruin, long-term highly toxic ionizing radiation, genetic mutation and mutilation wrought on subsequent generations. Now, with this gruesome nuclear disaster in Japan, their entire population is again at high risk for more cancers and radiation-caused diabetes; and their children are in jeopardy for increased rates of thyroid cancers, leukemia, and genetic mutations. It is one deliberately created epic tragedy on top of another.

There are also many other forms of radiation to which we are exposed daily; and this adds other dimensions of danger to our deteriorating health. · Depleted Uranium bombs continue to be illegally used in unlawful warfare against innocent civilians. So, chronic radioactive poisoning has become a ghastly part of living throughout the entire twenty-first-century world. However, it is not just the DU bombs, but also the cumulative and on-going effect of all low-level, chronic nuclear ionizing radiation poisoning to which we are all exposed for the past 65 years. Dr. Rosalie Bertell has written extensively about this.

Her book, “No Immediate Danger,” is a must read to understand the magnitude of the harm to which we all have been exposed. · This radiation poisoning also includes the electromagnetic frequency [EMF] spectrum. In a highly informative 2007 article, “The Radiation Poisoning of America,” Amy Worthington wrote that billions of humans are now exposed to the invisible dangers of cell phones (and all their permutations, i-pods, i-phones, etc.), cell phone towers, Wi-Fi internet connections, computers, and nuking our food with microwave ovens [This destroys any nutritional value of the food]. She notes:

“Our addiction to cell phones has led to harder ‘drugs’ like wireless Internet. And now we are bathing in the radiation that our wireless enthusiasm has unleashed. Those who are addicted, uninformed, corporately biased and politically-influenced may dismiss our scientifically-sound concerns about the apocalyptic hazards of wireless radiation. But we must not. Instead, we must sound the alarm.”(6)

The chronic exposure to these electromagnetic frequencies has already caused an epidemic of brain cancers and other serious cognitive damage ­most especially to our children. Parents’ concerns, regarding cell phone towers built close to schools, frequently have been ignored.

Conveniently for the corporations, illnesses have not been reported except in the medical journals. With more than 4-billion cell phones in use, it is a lucrative business, even if, along with the nuclear industry, it was never safe from the beginning.

Chronic exposure to these other forms of radiation causes lung, brain and neurological damage, paralysis, bone pain, brain dysfunction (including dementia), and DNA injuries. Early on, the invisible brain damage is quite subtle, so people do not realize that they are being hurt, until it’s too late. An excellent source of information is available from a series of interviews with Prof. Olle Johanssen of Denmark’s prestigious Karolinska Institute:

These are other forms of the far larger picture of radiation sickness that combine regularly with the unceasing ionizing radiation we get from nuclear reactors. Our immune systems and now compromised cognitive abilities are under daily and continuous siege that has taken a huge and cumulative toll.

There was no massive evacuation at Fukushima; and so now six weeks since the tsunami and nuclear reactors collapse and meltdown, things are dramatically worse. People throughout Japan have been at acute risk since the first day. The poor-to-no-real-evacuation plan has put everyone in extreme danger, while the ineptitude and criminality continue.

The lethal amounts of internal body radiation to which the Japanese are exposed, have already caused the deaths of several people who were inside the reactor at the initial explosion. Several “clean-up” people [an oxymoron, as I have previously written in my article on Chernobyl (7)] have already died. This is now tragically playing out at Fukushima with high levels of radioactive isotopes of Cesium-137, Plutonium-239, Iodine-131, Strontium-90, Uranium-235, and Cobalt-60. At Chernobyl, anyone who worked there in the supposed “clean-up” also died within a very short time.

Those in charge, no matter which government or what political affinities, have absolutely no concern or interest in protecting any of us from these hazards. The corruption is endemic to these totally broken systems. Our society is now militarized at the expense of every other gutted social service and at the expense of our very future. We just don’t seem to get that collectively. We continue to be lab rats for the latest extremely dangerous (and now often deliberate) catastrophic event, orchestrated clandestinely that will have persistent deadly repercussions for everyone. The radiation is now worldwide and poses extreme threats to all of us. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women are especially at risk. Yet, because it is not reported, millions of people go about their daily routines totally oblivious of the immediate radiation dangers.

How can anyone, still capable of thinking clearly read this and NOT understand that ALL our lives are at risk? Although it is invisible, our food chain has been poisoned. Not just from the continuous but invisible radioactive releases coming through the air, as well as the chemically laden snow and rain; but also from the tons of radioactive water criminally dumped into the Pacific Ocean traveling toward North America’s West Coast! Radiation continues to envelop us. Our weather is geo-engineered and travels on the global winds, now with the toxicity of both Chemtrails and radiation. Do we comprehend what this means, when we take a bite of radioactive food, chew it, and swallow pieces of death?

Day in and day out? For the rest of our lives? Where does this leave a whole generation of millions of vulnerable children?

Water and milk are now also highly radioactive. So, we cannot go shopping any more for food on automatic pilot. Here is a short list of safer areas for food products not grown in the Northern Hemisphere or coming from the Pacific:

Here is a link to some information on protection for your immune system:

As I have already written, since there have been unexplained malfunctions or breakdowns of numerous government radiation monitoring, it is urgent that communities begin to monitor their own exposure. This can be done with a more sophisticated Geiger counter and we also have daily reports from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research’s Radiation Map that has been reporting online for several weeks. Accurate reports of high radiation exposure (not reported by the media) coming to North America and Europe are available here: and;region=NH

In addition, the Radiation Network has also been reporting online since last month. Radiation throughout the US is updated every minute in real


The above is confirming evidence that the entire continent of North America is already experiencing widespread Radiation Poisoning. However, with the media silenced and compliant, most people will not even know they’ve been exposed or be diagnosed properly by health-care providers.

Over the past two weeks, I have spoken with more than 30 doctors, dentists, OMDs, NDs, nurse practitioners, and two veterinarians in several states around the US. Not one person had any training in radiation poisoning and did not know the symptoms.

Most did not even know that radiation was already here from Japan. These professionals also have little training in environmentally caused illnesses. Only one dentist knew about the devastation of Chemtrails aerosol toxicity and was spending time doing research. Therefore, it is up to us to become well informed about what life-threatening hazards we are all facing. This is the worst man-made catastrophe that our planet has had in our lifetimes.

The severity of radiation poisoning symptoms depends on the proximity to the source and the duration. The greater one’s radiation exposure, the more severe one’s symptoms are. With ionizing radiation (from radioactive particle bombardment), this goes directly into tissues and bone (human and animals). The causes can be acute (as in a single dose) or in the case of the people in Fukushima, close and regular exposure over a longer period of time. Here are some symptoms:

· Nausea and vomiting · Bleeding from the nose, mouth, or rectum [NOTE:

Chemtrails exposure also causes chronic, “Waterfall” nosebleeds.] · Bruising, tenderness, and skin swelling and burn of exposed areas · Diarrhea and bloody stool · Extreme fatigue, weakness, and fainting · Open skin sores that do no heal [Note: Morgellons also have these symptoms] · Thinning of hair and loss

As noted above, many of these symptoms also have other causes. It is also imperative that we understand that with daily Chemtrails aerosol spraying for more than a decade, and our air that is now a plasma state, there will be a real and synergistic potential for even greater harm with an unknown combining of radioactive particles and the Chemtrails toxic brew. Again, it is extremely important to consult a health care practitioner who has training and knowledge of nuclear ionizing radiation exposure. This is now a worldwide hideous experiment with unknown but potentially grave consequences. Tests of white blood cell count and hair analysis can also confirm and determine exposure.

How many more nuclear reactor “accidents” do we want? Have we not had far too many? Even one, is one too many. There are numerous reactors in the US that are built on geologically unstable areas, as is the case at Fukushima, and also at San Onofre, CA. They were built with known and serious design flaws. It doesn’t seem to matter. For example, on March 21, the Nuclear Regulating Commission (NRC) issued a 20-year renewal for operating the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, even though last year, the Vermont Senate (in a vote of 26 to 4) voted to block operation of the power plant after 2012.

Vermont citizens didn’t want the reactor there either. Built in 1972, the reactor (one of the oldest in the US) has had numerous serious problems including: the loss of radioactive fuel rods, a transformer fire, dangerous contamination levels, and a cooling tower collapse.

Wells around the plant have been poisoned with radioactive Tritium.

Inspections of the plant have been deficient. Valid appeals from concerned citizens not to renew their license were ignored. See:


Here are other serious reactor problems: (1)There are computer viruses that can and do infect operating facilities at nuclear plants. (2)The fuel used, known as MOX (mixed oxide), is highly dangerous; and 6 percent of it is present in the fuel rods. 1 mg (milligram) of MOX fuel equals 2-million mgs of normal enriched Uranium. The decades-long storage of 600,000 spent fuel rods at Fukushima makes this catastrophe even worse. (3)Storage containers for nuclear waste continue to develop cracks and leaks.

None of these containers have ever been safe, nor do they have a long life. According to Leuren Moret, some develop leaks after five years.

She told me: “Since before World War 2, the United States has been producing nuclear waste with nowhere to store it.” The issues surrounding nuclear waste usually are not reported; but the dangers have never disappeared. Like cancer, they have only metastasized with the decades passing and new facilities built. There are now thousands of contaminated sites around the planet that are deadly; and they will continue to be so forever.

Hanford (in Washington state), the oldest facility and now a horrifically contaminated Superfund site, continues to poison the entire population of the Pacific Northwest. For that area, the troubles are compounded because of five years of the burning of VX nerve gas (at Umatilla, the US army site, south of Portland) and, unconscionably, releasing this HazMat into the air!

Many reactors are old and have had other severe problems. None of this is even remotely safe. Here are two maps showing geologically unstable areas around the US and the sites of nuclear facilities superimposed on the map:

These, including Fukushima, never should have been built. But, as Dr.

Helen Caldicott has said in several of her recent public comments, with so much money at stake for the entire nuclear industry, they will do everything they can to keep this deadly industry going, no matter what the cost. Greed continues to be the watchword for many decades. This is an industry based on harm. It is not safe. It never was. It is not cost effective.

Think about what this has meant to the many millions of people who have been contaminated and killed by radiation! Millions of families have already been affected. The genetic damage is in our DNA, and has continued to plague all living species for the last six decades. How many more eons will this go on with the latest massive radioactive assault throughout the planet? It’s all incalculable; but, in the realities of our short lives, eons are irrelevant. The genetic damage is already enormous, and the tragedies of lives wrecked by it continues apace.

How many millions of people around the globe will contract diabetes or cancer directly related to the radioactive fallout that has contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere? How many of our precious children or grandchildren will get leukemia and die young ­their lives cut short, due to the criminality of those in charge? How many will become sterile?

This is what nuclear radiation does.

Before it was compromised in 1959, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued the following statement: Genetic heritage is the most precious property for human beings. It determines the lives of our progeny, health and harmonious development of future generations. As experts, we affirm that the health of future generations is threatened by increasing development of the atomic industry and sources of radiation We also believe that new mutations that occur in humans are harmful to them and their offspring.”(8)

This public statement, as with so many others, was just Orwellian doublespeak.

Before Fukushima, Japan had the world’s third largest economy. Now the epic tragedy that has befallen its entire population is immeasurable and very long-term in its devastating implications. Yoishi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times, has been covering this since the first day.

In a radio web interview on April 18, he said the situation at Fukushima is “virtually hopeless”:

As with Chernobyl, but far worse in its global radioactive proportions, Fukushima’s wrecked and highly radioactive reactors will continue to ravage everyone throughout the entire country and beyond. The genetic consequences are grave, given that the Japanese were already at such high risk because of the long-term consequences of US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan has an ancient culture. Yes, it has been a warrior society.

However, there is much more on a positive and creative level. Japan has also given us far more than high-tech gadgets. The magnificence of Japanese art and calligraphy go back millennia. Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s classic “Tale of Genji” was written during the Heian period (794-1185) in about 1100, while most Europeans were still illiterate.

Sophisticated Noh theater from the Muromachi period (1336-1573) predates Shakespeare. Chanoyu, their ritual tea ceremony, is elegant and timeless. The magnificence of Japanese gardens (both ancient and modern) has become part of an international design lexicon that is practiced by millions of gardeners around the world. This is also true of Ikebana, the ancient art of flower arrangement. In its beautiful simplicity, heaven, earth and man are represented proportionally by flowers and greenery. Japanese buildings have influenced architecture and design worldwide. These are marvelous cultural gifts to us all. What will be left that isn’t radioactive?

The Japanese are fit and trim and generally have a good and healthy diet. Millions of Americans eat junk food that has absolutely no nutritional value and is filled with poisonous ingredients (from aspartame to Genetically Engineered) that totally wreck our immune systems. A staggering 49-million Americans are obese due to this unhealthy food.

The Japanese are far more well educated than Americans. Education is held in high esteem in Japan; and this is essential for any society to survive and flourish. In the US, over the past more than three decades, education has been trashed, along with every other social service. I have seen this repeatedly with my university students. We live in a dumbed-down, easily manipulated, corporate-run society, where millions no longer can think clearly or critically, due in great part to our air rife with deadly toxins and EMFs, all of which we have exported. Now the entire Japanese population is in extremis, as long-lived radioactive particles spread their invisible tentacles far and wide.

No one is safe from this kind of horror. The place of humans in the scope of life and evolution is quite short. Yet, humans in their rapacious corporate practices, have deliberately harmed and altered our climate, the entire biosphere, and decimated our entire genetic pool. In our corporate-based unethical and massively corrupt societies, where we are all expendable, avarice trumps everything else. Malevolence is another watchword, where dollar signs have now replaced human eyes. This is an unsustainable, self-destruct scenario for all of us.

The radiation from the Fukushima Reactors nightmare is far from over.

Radiation exposure and subsequent illnesses will possibly last the rest of our lives (as with the tragedies of Chernobyl, Bhopal, and now the Gulf of Mexico compounding it); and the radiation damage will be passed on genetically to our children. The social and medical costs are staggering. Do we think there will be any protection from any governmental agency ANYWHERE, when they have already raised the level of radiation exposure for food (given that NO level is safe)? This is to keep the corporations free from lawsuits and any accountability.

Questions to contemplate: Collectively, what have we wrought for the almighty buck? When will this nuclear insanity stop? Now that the entire food chain is contaminated, how long do we want now to eat radioactive food? Do YOU want to eat this? Do you want to feed these poisons to your children? With each bite of radioactive food, do you truly comprehend what this actually means? Can we collectively save what is left?

Chernobyl is a continuing radioactive nightmare; and now we have a far more cataclysmic event at Fukushima.

When will we hold these criminals accountable? For years, we have already been lied to and bamboozled while they continue to steal trillions of our taxpayer dollars. We’ve been fleeced, so CEOs could buy multi-million dollar mansions, while millions of our homes have been illegally stolen, and millions more of us have been put out of work, while jobs go offshore; and everything but the military is gutted.

Earth Day, April 22, has no meaning if we have a planet that is wrecked beyond salvation. This is not about the contrived scam of global warming, or about CO2 reduction. Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is indispensable for our life cycles, and the exchange between plants and animals: The plants give us Oxygen and we exhale CO2, which they, in turn, need. This is about the elite’s hidden agendas that are destroying the viability of living on our planet. Reverence for the sacredness of life, in all its myriad forms, is gone. We cannot, and MUST NOT, use our planet as a personal toilet or sewer. We cannot continue to breathe air filled with more than a hundred thousand hazardous chemicals, and that is now a plasma state, as outstanding researcher Clifford Carnicom reports:

There are two ESSENTIALS for our basic survival: air to breathe and a safe food supply. Both of these human basics are now so tainted and rife with thousands of deadly toxins, and now a spew of radiation and plasma has been added.

Our health and well being cannot be left to government agencies’

corporate decisions or corrupt public officials. Nor can we any longer rely on the various groups and organizations that are supposed to be working for a safe and healthy planet. They all have been bought off and co-opted by elite money. It is likely that millions of well-meaning people who support these organizations do not even know this. See Michel Chossudovsky’s article, “Manufacturing Dissent”:

This article is not some academic exercise. It is written as my continued way to educate and inform. It is my lifelong social conscience. As the survivor of the 2003, 1-million-acre southern California FIRESTORM, I know in the deepest part of my heart what the people of Japan are experiencing. Having lost several friends who were burned to death and everything I had, I know what trauma is all about.

The day we were forced to evacuate our homes with only 15 minute to take anything, little did we know that when we were “allowed home” almost a month later [that’s how long these 14 arson fires burned out of control], there would be nothing left of our community of 2,000 but burn, and ash, and blackened skeletons of trees, and hot soil. We had almost no help.

Government agencies did not help, but rather made everything so much harder for us. No one was ever held accountable. This is the way our totally broken system “works.” From personal experience, I know that any public official, or agency, or the legal system no longer works for us.

Officials lie all the time; and corporations have done all they can to damage and destroy our planet and our health. The mass media is complicit. Greed reigns.

Jim Kirwan has written that “the personal is the political”; and this is how we all MUST see this catastrophe: it affects each one of us. YOU.

This means 310-million Americans; and Canadians, and Mexicans. Just look at the maps and links above and watch the radiation travel across our countries. This means all the people on the entire North American continent, and then the radioactivity goes to Europe. Again: there is NO SAFE LEVEL OF RADIATION. It is affecting my precious grandchildren, the youngest of whom turns three shortly. It affects my children, and me, as well. However, as someone with a very strong social conscience for my entire life, it has always gone way beyond me.

As a teacher for decades, my students will tell you, I have always taken a personal interest in them. I am always there for them. This continues to be my focus. This is why I am a teacher. The trust between teacher and student must be there. Not just for the subject matter; but, in the bigger picture of education, also to share a life perspective, and encourage them to think critically, do their very best, and shine.

Truly, this makes me happy.

I would urge everyone who still can think (and understands that simply breathing the air now compromises our cognitive functions and well being), and comprehends the enormity of what is at stake, to join peacefully together and help stop this nuclear insanity. It is not safe energy. There are other sources of safe and sustainable energy (wind and

solar) that don’t maim and kill us. Several US groups are calling for no more nuclear plants. For example, see:

However, we need more than this. We need a complete change of head space, no longer one that shrugs and says, “Oh well, that’s the price we have to pay for living in the modern world.” This is a cop-out. We do have ethical and moral responsibilities, even if our society and leaders are devoid of them. We cannot fix this nightmare, unless each and every one of us takes this personally. Whether we understand individually and collectively these implications, and whether we choose to act on them, remains to be seen. Given the invisible but daily radiation to which we are all exposed, the time is quite short.

We need a Peaceful Grassroots Movement that is not tied to the elite’s pocketbooks. This may seem like a complex undertaking. However, it is do-able; and it is not that difficult. Together, we can rise heroically to this occasion, and join together, united in peace, for our very survival! We have the potential for tremendous compassion and working together that builds trust and harmony for the very highest good.

This is part of the best of the human condition. We do have a choice of not being part of the culturally and politically sanctioned divisiveness. We can do it; and we are not alone! The continued eloquence and courage of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. R. Michael Castle, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Jim Kirwan, Stephen Lendman, Leuren Moret and millions of others of good will must light the way for all of us. “We’ve been nuclear guinea pigs since 1945. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons are not compatible with life.” Leuren Moret


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Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.” She is an Associate of the Carnicom Institute.