Posted on January 20, 2010 9:06 am

Survival Has Many Faces

There are
Many definitions for survival
There are many definitions for
survival and it all depends on who you talk to. For some It’s something
that’s watched on TV. How to eat and get water with just a knife. Going
camping is as close as most of us want to get to that scenario, and you
better have a tent, matches for a fire, water and food. Better yet a
Camper with all the amenities that we have come to expect. Survival is
usually forced upon us by circumstances from the environment.
Hurricanes, earthquakes, Tidal waves, they sneak up on you when your not
ready and surprise you.
I don’t like surprises.
I hate camping.
Getting close to nature is a great concept, but nobody really
likes it. Just ask the people who survived Katrina, or that tsunami in
Asia. The People of Haiti are not camping voluntarily. I’m sure that
they are felling very helpless.

 How about those people who lost
their job, and now their homeless. The time to think about survival is
before it happens, when you have the time and the resources to prepare
for it. Having financial security is the key. I’ve had to learn how to
do that.  Internet Marketing is My method.