Posted on February 1, 2010 7:04 pm

2012 The Mayan Calendar

2012 the Mayan calendar

 Just a Theory

 The Mayans had knowledge of the universe that, until recently, we were not even aware of.

Only now do we marvel at their ability to predict the movement of the heavens

They used that info to build a calendar more accurate then the high tech high speed info society that we think we are and have yet to duplicate. What if they weren’t as stupid as we think they were?

Well, you might say, where are they now?  What happened to them?  There are no roads, not really any record of them, just a lot of heavily biased conjecture.   There are just a few monuments that they built, and not much else. What if we got the Mayans all wrong?

Let’s look at the evidence without all the self important emotional responses that are used to justify our accepted dogmas.

In order for us to say that the Mayan calendar is accurate, we had to see the universe from

a vantage point that you can’t get from ground zero.  This requires being above the atmosphere,

something that we couldn’t do until recently.

Let me ask you this:  If we had flying devices that used antigravity, what would happen to our roads?

The answer is very obvious to me.  They would fall into decay and there would not be a DOT as we know it.  The Mayans did not use horses, chariots, carts, and they weren’t that big on wheels.

That begs the question: how did they build their pyramids?

Can you see where I’m going with this?

What If they did not need roads, wheels, horses or chariots?

What if they could pick up those blocks of stone and move them hundreds of miles, and they did it in a couple of months?  That would imply that they did have a method, maybe machines that could do that.  If those same machines could fly, then that would explain the reason for no roads.  That would explain the Mayan’s knowledge of the universe.  Flying machines, what a concept! And those flying machines could take them off planet.  I am not saying that all this is true, but a better explanation is really not available.

So, let’s run this scenario.  The Mayan’s ruling class, or their elite, figured that something was coming down the pike.  They knew that they couldn’t do anything to stop it.  They also knew that they could not save everyone.  Need I say more?