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30 ft diameter Urt

[img src=]270Inner Form
Steel frame, plywood, and 6 mil plastic sheeting
[img src=]250Roof Struts
Steel frame
[img src=]230Steel sruts with steel Crown
[img src=]260Completed roof with rebar
[img src=]270Completed inner form
Inner form with rebar
[img src=]260Outer forms
[img src=]270Poured concrete
Conctrete after forms are striped
[img src=]300Foam
spray foam for water proofing and insulation
[img src=]320Striped inside
walls prepared for painting
[img src=]310Steel floors
Split level steel and plywood floors
[img src=]310Steel floors with center colums
[img src=]320Lower level
lower level used for storage
[img src=]350Painted interier
[img src=]350Stairs for lower level
[img src=]330spli level with alt enterence
[img src=]340Storage area
[img src=]360landing for second entery
[img src=]340Main door


28 ft inner diameter – 30 ft outer diameter – 12 ft walls  17.5 ft overall height

12 inch walls – 14 inch roof

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  • more 30 FTer