Posted on September 28, 2010 7:02 am

How to Build a Magnetic Generator - Avoid Power Outages

The huge advances made during the 20th century last 100years} were almost entirely through the use of electricity and the amazing ways in which new systems of generation and distribution were developed, without which we would still be using steam power and horses. Most of our luxuries and gadgets are powered by electricity, how could we manage without our computers, the internet, TV, microwave ovens, and significantly electric lighting that allowed us to extend our days beyond sun up and sun downthe hours of daylight.

Potentially one of the most significant inventions of the twenty first century is the creation and development of a magnetic power generator which was made efficient and practical in the last 10 years.

So that they could power the increasing needs of the 20th century we had to find means of generating electricity in ever increasing quantities, this lead the way to the increased use of carbon based fuels to supply the power plants to provide for our ever increasing requirements for energy. The carbon dioxide emissions from the growing number of power stations has lead to an undesirable escalation in greenhouse gases that are slowly changing the way the world deals with temperature changes so that our atmosphere is heating up over time.

All of which has encouraged more and more people to be interested in green renewable energy sources which are basically ways to generate energy in such a way that it creates no emissions and is driven by renewable energy from easily available sources of power such as solar and wind. The most remarkable renewable energy source is the zero point magnetic generator, which is a perpetual motion energy source that needs no external power feed because once set going it generates at least 5 times more energy than it needs to run.

The magnetic generator has been developed over the last decade to a point where it could be used for commercial generating, but has, somewhat suprisingly, been prevented from doing so. But their loss is your gain and over the last 5 years smaller domestic magnetic generators have been developed.

The method for making your own magnetic generator has now been perfected and are obtainable online, you just download the information guide and use the step by step written and video guides, together with the parts from the list supplied, most of which can be bought from a local hardware store to build your magnetic generator. Sounds to good to be true, but it is actually achievable to make it in a few hours at an initial cost of about $100

A magnetic energy generator is a perpetual motion machine that creates an abundance of energy. It utilizes~makes use of} the power of permanent magnets which produces perpetual motion and generates electricity. This amazing machine generates the electrical power that it needs to keep running, as well as a significant amount of excess energy to power your house. This means that once set in motion the compact generator can run using its own power completely independent of any other external energy source, it is thus able to operate anywhere in any weather, unlike solar or wind generators 

The guides you can download are set out in such fantastic detail that anyone, regardless of technical know-how will be able to make their own, when it is finished you will have a perpetual source of free energy that will save you $100’s monthly on your electric bills.

The DIY guides have a money back guarantees so you cannot loose out, cheap and easy to build, completely safe to operate, no emissions, operates twnty four hours a day, seven days a week in any weather. So start building now, save money on energy and do your bit to save the planet from carbon dioxide pollution.